Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Antics

Saturday started off with family pics and D's first birthday pics in a beautiful park with a covered bridge. 
 Denbigh was soooo tired for her birthday pics but was a trooper.  She fell asleep in the car before we . . . .
 . . . got to the Funland on the other side of the park for our friend Micah's birthday party. The boys had so much fun riding the rides with each other and their friends.

 Across the street from Funland is a new space shuttle jungle gym.  The boys LOVED this (of course) and we will have to go back before we move.

 Saturday evening was our first free evening in over a week and we were so excited to just relax at home and watch a movie together.  
Sunday morning I tried to get my weekly pic of the kids dressed for church but they were "pictured" out.
Sunday afternoon was also a relaxing time at home with naps and movie watching and Daddy & Mama even got a date night!