Monday, June 16, 2014

The Last Day of School!!!

We started out our day with our traditional homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Then, when the boys were all ready, we took pictures on the front porch holding pictures from the first day of school.
Last day of First Grade
First day of First Grade
 Last day of preschool at the CEC
First day of preschool at the CEC
 Our goofy awesome boys.
 We gave each teacher a potted flower that said "Thank You for Helping Me Grow" on the pot.

 Joseph wrote a very sweet note to his teacher.
 Jacob's class had a "Splash Day" on his last day of school along with a picnic. When Daddy dropped him off that morning they found this sign.  His teacher also had his classmates draw pictures for him.

 After we watched Jake play for awhile Denbigh and Mama went home for some lunch and then headed to Joseph's school. A thunderstorm struck just as we got to the school and as we walked in the door the power went out. So much excitement on the last day. This is what Joseph's class looked like when we walked into the room.

 Ms. Fields had held a contest and told her kids that if they collectively passed 2300 AR tests by the last day they could throw pies in her face.  The power outage did not stop them.

 Joseph got her right in the face.

 The power came back on quickly and then school was over.  Mama held it together pretty well until the Asst. Principal hugged her on the way out the door.  Then there were sobs.

Joseph however was all smiles.
 Since Mama & Daddy were getting ready to leave for a week and to celebrate the last day of school we headed to the bowling alley and followed that with dinner at Larry's Pizza.

 Joseph won one of the games.  He was so pumped.
Baby girl got in a dance with her daddy too.