Monday, June 16, 2014

Our new San Diego home

Last week we were finally able to see our San Diego rental home in person.  Since we had to start renting on June 1 in order to secure it, we were able to get in and start getting it set up.  

Here are a few pictures.
 This is the view from the deck off the master bedroom.  It was hazy that day but on a clear day you can see a bit of the ocean.  
 The mosaic on the floor in the entry.
 This is the dining room.
 The front entry again from inside.
 I love the curved staircase.
 This is the front living room where we will put the piano.
 This house has lots of great details and lots of quirky ones.  I keep reminding myself that we are only renting for two years when I come across some of the choices I would not have made.  However, it really is a great house and perfect for our needs right now.
 The paint choices are not ones I would have made.  However, we can live with it.  The entire house, except for 3 of the bedrooms and bathrooms, is a mix of green and gray.  As in - every room is both green and gray.  And in some lights the gray looks a bit purple.
 I am also not in love with their curtains but that is an easy fix.
 There is a lot of storage which is really great.  There are two built-in cabinets on the upstairs landing.  In addition to the one you can see, there is a double version to the right.
 This is going to be Joseph's room eventually.  He is excited about his circle room.
 This is the room that the boys will share initially.  It's very close to the color of their current room which is awesome. The boys will also share a Jack and Jill bathroom.

This is Denbigh's room.  It is the smallest of the bedrooms but will still fit all of her furniture.
 Denbigh's bathroom is the only bathroom upstairs not connected to a bedroom.
 This is the entry to the Master Retreat. The bathroom is immediately to left as you walk in and has double sinks, a soaking tub, enormous shower and a huge his/her closet.  There is an additional large closet to the right as you walk in the room. 

 Since there is not a separate office space for Christopher, he is going to set up his desk in the "retreat" part of the master suite.

I realized when I got home that I took no pictures of the kitchen or the downstairs guest suite.  We are so excited about getting our home set up here.  The next five weeks are going to fly by!!

While we were there I was able to get the security system installed, the carpets cleaned, shelf paper all the cabinets and get the home move-in ready. I was also able to get Joseph registered for 2nd grade and Jacob registered and on a wait list for preschool as well as explore our new hometown a little bit