Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Vacation - Day 7

On Tuesday we headed back to the pool!  Denbigh enjoyed her crab a lot more this time and even had a fun game going where she would throw a ball out of the crab and then then reach out and grab it.  This was super fun until she lunged a little too far and flipped right out.  I grabbed her right away and she sputtered a little but was fine.  She didn't even cry but had a pretty shocked look on her face.

We stayed at the pool through lunch and Denbigh's nap and then headed home for showers and rest time for the boys.  Daddy surprised us by coming home a little early from work (he's been working long hours for some recent deadlines) and then he stayed home with miss D while Mama took the boys to VBS and ran a quick errand.  There was even enough time for dinner at Big Orange (they gave me their white sangria recipe! shhhhh!).