Monday, June 16, 2014

End of School Slide Show

On Thursday of the last week of school Joseph's teacher hosted a slide show of their year.  

She served popcorn and put together the most wonderful memories.  I will admit that I teared up quite a few times thinking about how much we'll miss this school and the amazing teachers we've had here.  

 The kids all help set up the room "theater style."
 Afterwards she handed out "thank you" gifts to the room moms/volunteers and then presented the 3 kids that are moving with these awesome puzzle pieces.  All of their classmates signed the back.  Such a sweet and thoughtful gift.

When Joseph was in preschool I bought "Oh The Places You Will Go" and have had all his teachers write a note to him at the end of the year.  Jacob also has a book that his teachers have signed.  Here is what Joseph's teacher wrote this year. 
 This is a (not great) picture of the class gift for Ms. Fields.  We collected quotes from everyone in the class about their favorite memory from the year or something they were thankful for about their teacher.  Then my sister designed this "fingerprint" made out of their quotes.  It turned out really great.