Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Vacation - Day 6

Monday morning we went to Homer's West for breakfast with some friends who were passing through town.  They were in grad school with Daddy in Charleston and both just earned their PhDs.  They are currently road-tripping to California and hoping to get jobs in the San Diego area where they received their bachelor degrees.  We are so hoping to be neighbors again soon!

It poured off and on all morning and the kiddos were total troopers as we dashed in and out of stores running a few errands.  The boys are great little grocery shoppers.  Then we headed home for lunch, naps and to do some chores. (The boys have been a great help with the chores so far and it's very helpful to keep them from getting to bored.)

In the evening it started pouring again right when it was time to drive the boys to Bible School.  Mama hasn't driven through that hard of a rain in a long time and was very grateful that the church had someone outside helping unload kids by the overhang.

The boys are really enjoying VBS this year and Jacob is excited about it even if it's not the typical "Parents' Night Out" playtime that he was expecting.