Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Vacation - Day 10

Friday morning we started off with Mickey Mouse waffles and egg & sausage burritos.
 Then we met some friends for bowling.

 The kids didn't want to leave each other so the Mamas gave in to lunch at Larry's Pizza.

The highlight of Joseph's day was finally picking the winning briefcase on Deal or No Deal and getting 200 tickets.
Then it was time to head home for naps.
 That evening we went to a Birthday/Pool Party for Daddy's boss. The boys swam until their little lips were blue and then we made them dry off and eat some dinner before taking them home for showers and bed.

 And this is what Mama worked on while the kiddos were napping . . . a smash cake for a certain little lady's 1-year-old pics.