Thursday, September 4, 2014

catching up

So yes - I didn't post for the entire month of August.  I haven't gone a whole month without posting since . . . never.  This past month has been crazy, great, sad, hard, happy, tearful. . . . a total emotional roller coaster.  I will spend some in depth time on a few moments in upcoming posts but this is a general "catch up on what we've been doing" post.

The first day at our new home we had no furniture or food. . . so we went to Sea World.

 The view from our back yard. . . . it's heavenly.
 And then our stuff came. . . . 
 and we were busy unpacking.

 We visited a church.

 We have entertained a few times.
 We checked out our local farmers market.
 We went to Legoland.

 We started walking.
 We visiting one of our local parks.

We explored our new home.

 We found snails on our fire pit after a rare rain.

 We went to Legoland again.

 We started soccer.