Monday, February 9, 2015

19 months old!

I actually remember to take pictures this month on her actual birthday.  :)  This girl is so silly and her vocabulary is exploding. Her latest favorite words are "more banana" and "teeth."  Denbigh loves having her teeth brushed and runs for the bathroom every time she is upstairs.  We are still using the baby gate to keep her corralled but she is getting very good at going up and down the stairs. She still crumbles if Daddy tells her no but mostly meets Mama's eye with a challenging look.  It's easy to see that we will have our challenging moments.  But she is also incredibly loving and, while she's great at playing independently, she still loves to snuggle. We also took advantage of the few days she was sick to hide her bottles and transition full-time to sippie cups.  She was pretty resistant at first but eventually gave in to the cute Minnie Mouse cups we found.