Friday, February 27, 2015

A little update

Just a little look at the kiddos this month. . .  

Jacob had fun making his valentines for school.  They had to be homemade and he did a really sweet job.

 He also loves painting on the easel he got from Santa for Christmas.  His favorite things to paint are scenes from Disney, Jr. cartoons.

 Denbigh was up to some shenanigans one day and so Daddy set her up with her own spot to watch some cartoons.  She thought she was the queen-bee.  (not-so-secret - she is.)

 Dressed for church on Valentine's weekend.  Denbigh was able to re-wear last year's dress with leggings!

 And finally - Joseph was awarded this morning with Mathematician of the Month for his class.  Each month they have an area of focus such as: perseverance, improvement, etc.  This month the emphasis was on: Working Carefully & Accurately.