Monday, July 6, 2015

End of School

We had a really busy last few days of school in June. 
First - on Jake's last Thursday of school - his school hosted their Spring Sing and Picnic.  Jacob's class sang their favorite song and did a great job!!

 Then - on the last Friday - Joseph's class had a field trip to the San Diego County Fair.  Grandpa & Grandma were in town so we all went and met his class there and then spent a couple extra hours on rides and eating treats after the field trip was over.

 chocolate covered bacon!!!

 Jacob's last day of school was on Tuesday. 
The last walk for both boys to school.

 We took cinnamon rolls for the teachers!
Jacob's last day of school was Joseph's second to last day.  We took cinnamon rolls to his teacher as well and he had his class party that day.

And finally - Joseph's last day of school!!! 
Before his class left for their Field Trip on that Friday the school had their last Flag Salute of the year (monthly awards).  Joseph received a Soaring Eagle award from his teacher.  It's a discretionary award much like Student of the Month given to students the teacher would especially like to recognize.