Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2-Year Well Visit

Last week Denbigh had her 2-year well visit. The doctor said she is doing great developmentally and she only needed 1 vaccine which she handled like a champ.

Her stats:
Height = 36.78 inches (99%)
Weight = 30 lbs. 8 oz. (88%)

for comparison:
Joseph = Height - 36.5" and Weight - 32.5 lbs.
Jacob = Height - 35.5" and Weight - 32.3 lbs.
I can't get over how similar in size they all were at this age!!!

Denbigh is so much fun.  She loves to play games, especially if they involved hiding and lots of screaming and giggling.  

 She loves to talk and sing and knows every word to every song in Frozen and some of the dialogue.  She also loves to sing the ABCs, songs from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and "Brown-Eyed Girl." She has also started praying her night-time prayer along with us and joins in on praying for everyone in the family.
 She adores her brothers and follows/chases them around.  She wants to do everything they do.  She loves to play in her kitchen and is always bringing me food and "tea."  She knows a few of her colors (blue, yellow, pink) and a couple shapes (star, heart) and can count to 5 on her own and will count along to 10 with someone else.  She loves dressing up and her favorite clothing item is her Minnie Mouse tennis shoes.  She wears them all the time and is able to put them on the right feet all by herself.  We have definitely entered the "Terrible Twos" and she does her share of screaming, crying and general tantrum-throwing.  They are usually short-lived fortunately and are mostly for effect as they stop instantly the second she realizes that her audience has left the room.

We are all madly in love with our little Princess and are enjoying every minute and watching her develop and grow.