Saturday, August 1, 2015

Prepping for Ireland

This is what the office part of our room looked like the last several days before we left on vacation. . . 
 Each outfit for each of the kiddos was put in a bag and labeled with their name and whether it contained pants or shorts.
 We made a trip to the fabric store and each kiddo picked out 2 fabrics for reversible neck pillows for the plane.

 Mama & Daddy got a larger version which is extremely comfortable.
 And finally - the long paper chain we made which had 113 chains at the beginning was down to 10 . . . and then 5 . . . and then 1!
Tickets were printed. . .
The boys were picked up from their last day of sports camp at church and baby girl was picked up from school.
After everyone was showered and dressed in their travel clothes we hit the road for LAX!!!