Saturday, August 1, 2015

Irish Vacation - Day 4

So our morning started out in our little apartment in the Mews. These two slept like champs until about 10 am when I finally woke them up. Baby girl - not so much.  Although everything else about our trip was just amazing, the beds in our apartment were not so much.  Denbigh and Mama ended up sleeping on the couch every night after this.
Daddy & Mama indulged themselves a bit on Day 4 of vacation.  The Castle has a fleet of Range Rovers and drivers available for guests.  One phone call later a driver arrived to take Daddy to the spa for his hot shave.  Upon his return the driver took Mama to her spa appointment - a scrub and massage.

And then it was time to get ready for the wedding!!! The shuttle picked up wedding guests at their various locations and took us to Monaghan Town to the cathedral.

 Once the religious ceremony was over, the civil signing of the documents took place.
Mr. & Mrs. Kieran Saul!!! (Heli told us that the first thing she saw when she walked into the church was Denbigh clapping.  Denbigh loves weddings.)

 The cathedral was incredible. . . 

And then we went back to Castle Leslie for the reception.  Which, being an Irish wedding, was scheduled to last all - night - long.  We were told that the band would stop playing at 2 am.  Following that, the castle bar would open.  The bartenders would not closed down the bar until the last party guest had made their way home.  I don't know what time that happened for this particular wedding (we had friends that stayed until 4 am) but apparently this is usually around breakfast time.  

It was a rainy day for the wedding so staff met us in front of the castle with umbrellas.  We were ushered into various rooms with fireplaces roaring and served champagne, tea & crumpets and juice for the kiddos.  

 A harpist was playing in one corner and when she noticed Jake watching her she gave him a lesson.

And then it was time for the reception.

And the cake!

Behind our table half of the tent had been draped off.  Once the cake was cut they opened the drape to reveal the band and a dance floor.

Denbigh really enjoyed the open dance floor!

The bride & groom had their first dance. . . 
. .  and then the floor was opened to everyone.

Denbigh fell asleep during the 3rd song (it was 11 pm) so after visiting the photo booth, Mama and the kiddos headed back to our room.  Daddy followed shortly afterwards.
On the drive back to the Mews, Jacob asked why the windows in the Range Rover were tinted.  The driver answered without hesitation "because you are famous and we don't want the paparazzi to take pictures of you."  Jacob was pretty impressed with himself after that.