Saturday, August 1, 2015

Irish Vacation - Day 6

On Wednesday Morning we checked out of Castle Leslie.  On the way out we stopped to take pictures of the church located on the estate.

 Then we headed again into Northen Ireland - Belfast this time - specifically the Titanic Museum.
The boys were thrilled to find out that there was a special exhibit featuring robots from the movies.
 The tour was really amazing and gave a great feel for what Belfast was like during that era as well as all that went into the building of the Titanic.
 The Titanic Studios was visible from several of the windows.  Currently "Game of Thrones" is being filmed there.
And here is where the Titanic was actually built.

 We had lunch in the museum and Mama was able to visit the gift shop. 

 And then we indulged the boys with the Robots exhibit.  It was a bit overrated but they really enjoyed it.

 The museum itself is really a spectacular building.

 And here is a closer view of where the Titanic was built.

We headed back to Dublin after this and checked into our hotel.  Daddy returned the rental car and then we headed back to the City Center for dinner at The Woolen Mill.
The Woolen Mill is on the north side of the river which divides the City Center and overlooks the Ha'penny Bridge. 

A fabulous last night in Ireland.