Saturday, August 1, 2015

Irish Vacation - Day 1

 We got to LAX and checked our bags and car seats and found our gate.

 The kids enjoyed watching for our plane.
 Our flight departed at 11:45 pm!  Thankfully the kiddos all took naps in the car on the way to LAX and did great for being up so long past their bed time.

Denbigh was so excited to have her own seat for the first time. (Mama was excited too!)

 Denbigh fell asleep before take off and the boys soon followed. They each slept for about the first 5 hours of the flight.
 We flew over Greenland!!
 The boys and Daddy were in the row in front of us.  The boys are used to traveling and handled the whole trip like pros.
 When we landed in Dublin it was 6:30 pm local time (10:30 am for us). We collected our luggage and car seats and went to the shuttle waiting area.  There is a church at the airport and the bells tolled on the hour.
 The kids were so glad to be off the plane even if we were just standing around waiting on the shuttle.
During our 11 hour flight we were fed dinner (as soon as we reached cruising altitude at about 12:30 am) and breakfast (2 hours before landing - so around 8:30 am for us but 4:30 pm in Dublin).  This pretty much threw us all out of whack right off the bat. 
After checking into our room (see our ocean view?  just like home!) we decided to make it an early night and joined our friends downstairs at the hotel restaurant for dinner.

 Denbigh enjoyed "fish sticks & chips."