Sunday, August 2, 2015

Irish Vacation - Day 7

Day 7 - it was time to head home.  We had to check out of our hotel at 3 am. (yikes)  The hotel gave us a wake up call and had a cab waiting for us.  We got check in for our flight and made it to our gate while the airport was still waking up. 

 The only thing open that early in the morning was Starbucks in the adjoining terminal.  
 Since when did Starbucks start serving beer, wine and champagne?
After everyone had their coffee, juice and milk we settled in to wait for our flight.   

 We had an hour delay and finally took off at around 7:15 am.  (this was 11:15 pm San Diego time.  keep in mind we left our hotel at 8 pm San Diego time).

The kids all did great about taking naps on the airplane.  Denbigh actually got 2 good naps in.
We were again served two meals.  Jacob was especially excited about the crackers we got with dinner!   

We landed in LA around 10:30 am.  We breezed through customs and got our luggage and then caught a shuttle to the car park.  Finally we were in the car and on our way home.  Everyone was pretty exhausted and we had no food in our house so we went out for an early pizza dinner, grabbed some bananas & milk at the grocery and then headed home for baths and an early bedtime.

We had an absolute blast on our Irish Vacation.  The kids were total troopers and enjoyed all the sights and sounds of Ireland.  We are already planning a trip back to see everything that we missed.  We seem to have caught the adventure bug and really enjoyed introducing our kids to another country.