Tuesday, August 28, 2007

11 Months Old!

Wow - my amazing powers of deduction tell me that this means Joseph is almost a year old. How time flies. Can you believe that 11 months ago Joseph looked like this?Now he is quite the big boy. . .

His favorite game is "Where is Joseph?!" - this is played several ways. If he initiates the game, then it starts by him standing behind one of us while we're sitting on the floor with his hands on our shoulders. We pretend to not know where he is and look around for him. . . . then you feel him start to walk to one side and a smiling little face pops around your shoulder. "Here I am!" Another way is when he disappears from the living room (usually into our room on a destruction mission) and one of us will say loudly - "where is Joseph? I don't know where he went!" Almost immediately we'll hear the "slap, slap, thump, thump" of our little crawler coming back into the living room as fast as he can with a grin from ear to ear. "Here I am!"

His favorite time of day is when Daddy comes home. Daddy used to feel like chopped liver because Momma got all the love . . . . she was the one with the food. But now Daddy is the source of much fun and entertainment. As soon as the key is in the lock, Joseph's little face swings towards me with raised eyebrows - "daddy?" I barely get out the "Da" in "Daddy's home!" before he's off towards the door like a shot.

He's taking more and more steps and becoming more sure of himself in the walking area. But we'll see how soon he actually starts up on his own.

He's a very determined little boy. Determined to get into and explore everything. Most of my day is spent reacting . . . . and picking up things.

And here's a picture I'm throwing in for fun - Joseph watching "Madagascar" . . .


Aubrey said...

I almost can't believe that tiny little guy used to be Joseph. :)

emily said...

Isn't it so funny that our Josephs look so much alike? I can really see it in these pics.

congrats again on the "remodel"!