Thursday, August 23, 2007


Besides Christopher & I, there are four other people who can truly appreciate the significance of this next statement. We are getting a new bathroom! Who are these four other people? Lovely folks who once lived in this house but have since moved on . . . . on to new houses with lovely bathrooms. Don't get me wrong. We love living here. We love the house. We love the location. We love that Christopher to can walk to work and we can walk around town and that we're centrally located and people can stop by. We love the big kitchen and the big bedroom and the big living room. But it's no secret that the bathroom is . . . well, tiny . . .old . . . slanted . . . .cold in the winter. I mean - it's an old house. It was built before bathrooms were indoors. So the bathroom was added on later - onto the porch. It has its issues. We are at least glad it's inside.

Back to my original statement. We're getting a new bathroom! The house is actually getting 2 new bathrooms - one upstairs for Matt & Joe and one downstairs for us. Unfortunately the only place to put the new bathroom is right next to our bedroom off the foyer. Why is this unfortunate? Well, because that's where Joseph's nursery is. Are we complaining? Absolutely not! We cleaned out our office, got rid of some books, squeezed a desk and a bookcase into our bedroom (see - big bedroom) and voila! the office is now going to be Joseph's new nursery. We're slightly sad to be moving him further down the house. That sadness will most likely turn to joy the moment I'm able to take a BATH in our new bathtub. (Quite honestly - no matter how much I scrub our old tub, it just never looks clean enough to sit in.)

Here is a final look at Joseph's current nursery. I've been painting and getting his new room ready for him. I think he's moving tomorrow. Once he's settled, I'll post before and after pictures of that room.
Would it be weird if we had a "Bathroom-Warming" Party . . . . ?


Aubrey said...

I would certainly come to the bathroom-warming party. And bring the champagne. And the food. And the toilet paper. (hey - it is a bathroom warming party, after all.) I'm very excited for you. Very. :)

Emilie said...

I knew you would be!

emily.faulkner said...

I never lived there but I certainly spent plenty of time at the Rampey's, plus I currently live in a very old house with a very old bathroom. I feel that I could possibly make a fifth person to appreciate your joy. Take extra bath for me!

Melanie said...

Oh, the joy that is in my heart over your new bathroom-to-be! Every ounce of excitement you feel is more than warranted. I understand.