Monday, May 30, 2011

14 months old!

Wow - two month have passed since we celebrated Jacob's first birthday. He suddenly seems very "little boy" and not so much "baby!"At 14 months:
He runs for his chair when we say it's time to eat. He's a much pickier eater than Joseph was but we're managing to get some nutrition in him. He was refusing to eat fruit but I offered him a fruit smoothie of bananas, blueberries and peaches and he slurped it right down. Using a straw! Also - I committed the "he's a second child" crime and gave him a peanut butter sandwich. He loved it.

He runs for the stairs when we say it's nap time or bed time. Although he is a great sleeper, I think it has more to do with the opening of the baby gate and accessing the stairs than it does to his excitement of going to sleep.

He also runs away from me when I come towards him with a diaper. Usually this is accompanied by loud laughter.

He runs to the back door when I say that daddy is home. And then he runs away from it laughing when he sees daddy.

He runs instead of just walking. It think we've covered that. He can also stand up from the floor now instead of crawling over to something to pull up first.

He says: mama, daddy, doggie, Katie, diaper, hi. He will also mimic other words but doesn't use them consistently.He has strong opinions and strong reactions. He's also quite dramatic and a frequent user of what we refer to as his "bitter beer face." This usually consists of a puckered mouth and closed fluttering eyes. It may or may not be accompanied by crying. It can turn into a bad scenario when done while walking/running.

He still sucks his thumb and carries a blanket around. (picture Linus.) I love it when he gets tired and comes to me with his blanket in his arm, his thumb in his mouth and lays his head on my leg.
He loves to dance. And he is quite the dancer. He will dance any time music comes on or if I just sing to him. He also loves to clap. When the Indy 500 cars took off yesterday, he jumped up and down - clapping and squealing.

He is a precious, enthusiastic and passionate little boy who gets into everything! And we love, love, love him.


Aubrey said...

FYI - The latest info on PB says it's actually fine to start around a year. Some people say that if your family doesn't have food allergies, you can even start sooner. Actually some are saying we should be giving kids PB maybe between 4-6 months, in the hopes that allergies might actually be less. I more or less waited until Judah was around a year. I don't give him lots of PB sandwiches, but that's just because he doesn't really eat them.

Emilie said...

yah - I was hanging out with a friend whose hubby is a doc and she said basically the same thing so I tried one on Jacob. Joseph turned up his nose the first time so I was glad that Jacob went for it given how picky he is!