Tuesday, May 31, 2011

recent conversations

convo 1:
Joseph: It's 7:00!!!
me: what is special about 7:00?
Joseph: it's when we watch something special on TV!
me: like?
Joseph: like Glee or American Idol!
(mama thinks that it's a good thing is summer time and that we need to stop watching TV)

convo 2:
Joseph: look at my underwear. they have you on them.
WALL-E: that's cool Joseph.
Joseph: yah it is. Did you know you're in a movie too?
WALL-E: really?
Joseph: yah - you and Eva.

convo 3:
Joseph: mama, why does the Earth turn?
me: You should ask Daddy that question. He's really smart about things like that.
Joseph: well, why are you not smart?

I joined Stroller Strides several months ago and am loving it. Not only do I get a great workout but I also get to hang out with other moms every morning. I was going to class on M, W and F which is also when Joseph is in school. However, they've recently added a T, TH class closer to home so I've been going occasionally and taking Joseph along. Our class consists of fast-paced walking with our strollers with stops at different stations to work on strength and toning of arms, legs, abs, etc. Occasionally we'll also do lunges or squats with our strollers.
So - last week I took Joseph grocery shopping with me. He wanted his own little cart which usually creates a problem. That thing is just so much fun to push while running or spinning around. I gave him strict instructions about cart-pushing etiquette and what the consequences would be for misbehavior. About half way through the store I turned around to give a little reminder about not lagging behind . . . but all I could do was laugh. Joseph was doing lunges behind his cart and was quite pleased with himself at being able to multi-task with a workout while shopping.