Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Poor daddy come home from work last Thursday with a nasty stomach bug. He was sent straight to his room with orders not to touch anyone or anything. He pretty much stayed there until Saturday evening and was still feeling sort of rough until Monday. Mama carried around a can of lysol, took the kiddos to the doorway for short visits and to say "good-night" and swapped out glasses of water, juice and gatorade. Of course the biggest fear was that the rest of the family would catch it . . . . however, the only casualty was Curious George.

Joseph informed me on Monday morning that his baby was sick and had thrown up. Fortunately he had thrown up in the bucket so clean-up was minimal. I provided Joseph with a towel for any future incidents. He took good care of George and I'm happy to say that his bought with the stomach bug lacked the intensity and duration of daddy's.


Jennifer McHam said...

You have been a blogging rock star woman!!! Am just now catching up on what seems like 20 blog posts including very inspirational homemade basil pesto. Just how much thriving has your basil plant been doing?? I am very jealous! Must steal your secrets!! Glad everyone is feeling better finally, including precious George