Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday - Animal Kingdom & Epcot

Bright and early Sunday morning we headed out for a day at the parks. We went to Animal Kingdom first because it was a cool, shady morning which promises lots of animal sightings on the Safari. We were not disappointed! Even the male lion was awake and looking around (which we've been told is highly unusual.)

Cousin Cannon enjoying his first ride at Disney World.
Jacob enjoyed it too! "oooooooooh! oooooooh! oooooooh!"

After we finished the Animal Safari we had a little snack break while the big guys rode Everest - the second-to-largest roller coaster in all of Disney World. Joseph went to watch some of the action and then announced he wanted to ride it. I tried my hardest to talk him out of it. Then I told him he could check and see if he was tall enough, feeling certain that he wasn't. He came back and excitedly told me he was tall enough! Daddy took him on Everest while Mama & Jacob headed over with the rest of the group to save seats at the Lion King show. Soon Joseph and Daddy showed up at the show (Joseph still had all limbs and his head attached) and Daddy informed me how much Joseph enjoyed it. Joseph wanted to ride it again. Mama put her heart/panic attack on hold while Daddy's head swelled with a bit of pride that his son shares his love of the dangerous rides.

Then we headed to Epcot for our first visit to the Food & Wine Festival. There will be much more on this later.

We tried the food and beverages, met some characters to autograph our book and then Jacob sacked out. The boys were incredible troopers the entire week.