Monday, November 7, 2011

Wednesday - Wedding, Hollywood & Epcot

Part 1 - the Wedding: As I wrote earlier, our original plan for tagging along on the Glaub Wedding/Vacation festivities was to watch this little (seriously cute) munchkin during the wedding. However we found our services (mostly Christopher's) needed elsewhere in the transportation department. Christopher ran shuttle service making sure that all the family members from our rental houses and various hotels got to where they needed to go on time. Did I mention that this wedding was at 7:30 am inside a theme park? Which meant that everyone had to basically be ready by 5:30 in order to get the shuttle. So in the end Megan took Cannon with her to the wedding and our boys got to sleep in just a little and we arrived for the reception at 8 am.

Fruit & yogurt parfaits at the pre-reception.

Our table at the reception. For favors everyone received bags of green and purple m-n-m s customized with Pat & Glenda's names and the date. They also made us all CDs with the music from their reception - an assortment of Disney and Muppet Classics.
Mickey Mouse waffles!
The cake designed by Pat. Notice the kermit & miss piggy on top.
I may also have not mentioned that the wedding was a Kermit & Miss Piggy wedding and took place at the Miss Piggy fountain in Hollywood Studios!
And guess who showed up at the reception!!!

Part 2 - Hollywood Studios: After the reception we changed into comfy clothes and headed over to Hollywood Studios (after a brief walk through Epcot to grab a frozen beverage.) We got to meet some more characters, grab a late lunch at the Sci-Fi Drive-In and ride the Toy Store Midway Mania (easily my favorite. ride. ever.).

Part 3 - Epcot: Around dinner time we headed back over to Epcot to meet up with Chris, Megan & Cannon and enjoy more of the Food & Wine Festival. (Thank goodness for those park hopper tickets!) As we entered the back entrance to the park we ran into Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty. Joseph was quite taken with her.

(whispered - "mama, she put lips in my book!)
We ran into a couple of other old friends too.

This was the biggest day for the boys and they were such troopers. We left the house at about 7:45 that morning and didn't get home until around 10 pm. Jacob caught a 1 hour nap in the stroller. I'm amazed that we didn't have some major meltdowns that day but they were seriously great.