Sunday, April 8, 2012

traveling - part 1

We have spent the last week making the "family loop" - traveling through Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana to see all of our immediate family members. We had several reasons for this trip but they offered us a perfect occasion for Joseph and Jacob to make their "Bigger Brother & Big Brother" announcement.We stopped in Nashville to celebrate Jacob and Aunt Aftin's birthdays. We also got to see cousin Ava for the first time since Christmas and she is getting so big! Her smile is precious.
Then we headed up to Indianapolis to see our cousin Scout and meet our new cousin Rigby. We also got to celebrate Grandpa's birthday and cousin Cannon's birthday a little early.
Scout is very generous with the kisses.
Cousin Rigby!!! We all had lots of chances to snuggle this little guy. He is so sweet and will be so big when we see him again.

On our last day we took a trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. It is the largest childrens museum in the US and we try to visit every time we're in town, especially since it's so close to Jon & Natalie's house.