Sunday, April 8, 2012

traveling - part 2

The main reason for our trip: Christopher had a conference in DC and I wanted to tag along. Once we got to Indy my parents took the boys up to the farm with them for a few days and Christopher & I jetted off to DC. I was really looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms this year as it is the 100th anniversary of the gift from Japan. However, due to the mild winter, the blossoms peaked early this year and only a few trees were still in bloom.
I completely over-exerted myself on the first day by walking from our hotel at the Capitol all the way down the mall and around the Tidal Basin. But it was totally worth it.
Somehow I have missed the Teddy Roosevelt Monument on previous trips and it is incredible. It takes up quite a bit of space and is covered with quotes, fountains and statues. Here is a single example.
I was able to see the new MLK, Jr. Monument which is also amazing.

My cousin Michael was able to get us in to tour the White House. I had been on the tour many years ago but this was Christopher's first visit. You don't get to see much but the tour is still interesting. We also found a small museum in front of the White House that contained additional furnishings.

I visited the Library of Congress later that afternoon and peeked into the main reading room.
No protesters in front of the Supreme Court when I walked past but we did see the "Million Mustache March" at the Capitol when we arrived. "Shave our taxes, not our 'staches!!"
Christopher had to work much of the time we were there but we enjoyed some great food and fun visits with my cousin and a few other good friends.