Thursday, January 8, 2015


We have several traditions for Christmas Eve.

 They include: 
visiting the local fire department and delivering fresh cinnamon rolls,

Christmas Eve services at church, (Joseph performed this year)

 driving around looking at Christmas lights, (yes that's our neighborhood)

 followed by donuts & hot chocolate.
 The secretary at Jacob's school handed out "Grinch Dust" on the last day of school so Jake was excited about pouring it outside to keep the Grinch away.

We laid out treats for Santa.
 And then snuggled in for our sleepover where we stay up late watching "The Christmas Story" and wait for Santa to appear.

The boys fell asleep by 12:30 and then Santa went to work filling stockings . . . 
and putting out big gifts.

 The boys woke up at 5:30 and there was no going back to sleep once they saw their stockings were full.  We did make them stay out of the front living room (with the tree and big gifts) until their sister woke up.

 But once she was up. . . 

 We had a great day opening presents and celebrating Christmas as a family.  We made our traditional sausage pinwheels, egg casserole and cinnamon rolls for brunch.  Daddy made is fabulous bolognese for dinner.  But the only picture of food I got that day was our Tres Leches birthday cake for Jesus.  It was not quite the USS Enterprise cake that Jake requested. . . but still very yummy.