Thursday, January 8, 2015

Leading up to Christmas

Our neighborhood really gets into decorating for the holidays.  We put up a few lights and decorations outside but were way outdone by many neighbors.  We are already planning our display for next year!

 We did some Christmas baking - Puppy Chow, Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls. . . 

And prepped gifts for teachers.
 We also all enjoyed Daddy's work holiday party which was held at the Childrens Museum.  So great and kid-friendly.

 These babies were wiped out!
 This is not so much Christmas-related, but during this time Joseph was Student of the Month for his class and those awards are handed at at bi-weekly Flag Salutes.  So proud of our big boy!
 Jake performed with his class at the school's "Holiday Happenings"

 One of Mama's big projects for this Christmas was the creation of some teddy bears made out of Nanny's Martha Washington bedspread.

 I was just finishing these up on the Thursday afternoon before Christmas when I heard Daddy come home early.  And when he walked in the door he brought a surprise with him.  Aunt Alissa!  I couldn't stop shaking for quite some time.  What a great surprise.  
 As the last several times we've been together have been crazy busy with lots of people and events going on - most of our weekend looked like this. 
We relaxed, watched lots of movies and enjoyed Christmas goodies.  We did manage to fit in a trip to the mall and pedis too.
Aunt Alissa also went along to Joseph's school on Friday to help with his class party.  We ran one of the craft tables and were pretty worn out by the time it was over.  I have serious respect for teachers.

 Joseph's school has very strict rules about snacks brought for parties.  I thought this was genius - Candy Cane Bagel with cream cheese and dried cranberries, blueberries and raisins.  They also had apple slices and bottles of water.

 Mrs. Anderson opening her gift card tree.