Friday, January 9, 2015

Holiday Bowl Parade

A couple days after Christmas we took a Coaster (local commuter train) ride downtown and went to the Holiday Bowl Parade.  This parade is touted as having the most balloons in any parade in the US.  We had lunch at the Fish Market and then walked down the marina until it was time for the parade.

 We happened to come across the staging area for the balloons and the kids really enjoyed watching the inflating process.

 Finally we headed back up to find a good spot to set up our chairs for the parade.

 The kids loved watching all the balloons come down the street.

 They also enjoyed watching the USC and Nebraska bands.

But the highlight may have been the storm troopers and Darth Vader.

 We left before the parade was over as we wanted to catch a Coaster that would get us home before dark.