Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3 years old!

We had Jake Jake's 3rd birthday party on Saturday.  He has been looking forward to his "Rocketship Party" for a long time.  

My sister Megan designed these great invitations while we were in Indiana the week before.  
 Jacob's birthday shirt.
 The Photo Booth
 Gift table with Jet Pack favors.

 Goodie Bag with astronaut ice cream sandwiches and solar system stickers.
 Daddy spent a lot of time getting the garage ready for the Moon Walk.  This involved black plastic, duct tape and the jump castle.

 Another fun activity center - a cardboard space shuttle to decorate.
 The food:

Rocket Fuel - orange Crush
 Milky Way Cheese
 Flying Saucer Pizza Bites - mini pizza bagels
Grape Rockets
 And the cake - and moon cupcakes on a space shuttle cupcake holder.
The marshmallow fondant recipe came in handy again and this cake was really easy to make.  Special thanks to Aunt Alissa for suggesting using the tops of the food coloring bottles to make the craters! She also proved to be a great fondant roller-outer.  :)

 Jacob had a great time at his party and the boys were so exhausted from jumping in the Moon Walk that they slept in until 6:45 the next morning.  That is pretty amazing.


nicole said...

this is beyond cute! i think once my baby is old enough for fun parties like this you should come to indy and plan it! ;)