Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break - Chicago - Part 1

We started off our spring break with an overnight stop in Chicago.  The boys are great travelers and did great the whole way.  Mama & daddy got a little antsy as traffic slowed to a crawl in the city and it took a really long time to get to our hotel. The boys were completely entertained by the "L" and the Metra sightings.  

The first thing Joseph did after admiring the view from our hotel was dig out his homework and start writing about Antarctica.  He was finally convinced to put it away and enjoy a picnic dinner in the room.
The next morning we enjoyed breakfast across the street.  Joseph & Jacob loved their pancakes and chocolate milk.

 And Joseph practically licked his plate clean.

 Then we walked several blocks to our friend's condo.  He has an amazing view of the river and the boys loved watching for the sneaky leprechauns.

 We never did see the leprechauns but we did see their handiwork!!