Wednesday, April 17, 2013

while the cat is away...

Daddy is in DC for work this week so the boys and mama enjoyed dinner at Big Orange on Monday evening.  It was a bit sunny/warm on the patio but we were glad to soak up some Vitamin D.  

Jacob requested a cheeseburger and oranges - not quite comprehending that they don't actually serve oranges here.  We also shared a yummy chocolate shake after their burgers and mama's Thai Chopped Salad.  (Seriously - I could eat one every day.)

Holding down the fort alone whilst preggers and trying to keep up with a very active 3-year-old (and his big brother) is proving to be a challenge but we're finding our groove.  This is a good thing since we'll be doing it again in a couple of weeks but then I think we will all be in "stay home" mode until baby girl arrives.