Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well - Jacob has been 3 for 2 weeks/4 days but we had his well-visit yesterday and I decided to put off this post until I had some stats.

At 3 years (2 weeks & 4 days) Jacob is 3 ft. 2 in. tall which is in the 75th percentile.  He weighs 38 lbs. 12 oz. which is in the 95th percentile.  I think we can see that his eating has improved.  He is much less picky and will usually try whatever is given to him.

He is a really entertaining little boy.  He is rarely shy and hardly ever meets a stranger.  He loves to talk and sing and dance.  Jacob is definitely social and would go-go-go all. day. long.  Sending him to pre-school three days a week has really helped his social side and he is beginning to talk more about his friends and teachers.

 He loves to play dress up and become a fireman, cowboy, pirate or astronaut. He is much more into imaginary play where he is the character than Joseph was/is.  (Although Joseph also has a great imagination and creates elaborate scenarios involving other players.) Quite often you find him strolling around the house "playing guitar" with nothing in his hands (which are in the correct position and strumming).

Because of his love for all things astronaut/rocket related, he counts backwards much better than forwards.  We hear "10, 9, 8 . . . . . 0 - BLASTOFF!!" multiple times a day.  He can count to 20 with just a little help.  He can also recognize quite a few of his letters and knows almost every shape and color.  I recently realized that I haven't been working with him as much as I did with Joseph so we've been making more of a concentrated effort in certain areas.  His pre-school helps with that too.  They do a lot of singing as well and he thinks that every song ends with a "yay!" or "great job guys!"

He loves to goof around (mostly at mealtime) and is quick to get himself and his brother in trouble.  Jacob has a big stubborn streak and often has to be disciplined for talking back and yelling things like "no it's not! Let go of me! No you be quiet!" But he also is quick to apologize later and has a soft side that loves to snuggle and give lots of hugs and kisses.

Jacob is quite jealous that his brother is on a soccer team and insists that he is old enough and big enough and should also be on a team.  So mama and daddy take turns playing with him at practices and games.  I can't wait until he can actually play.  I think he will be a go-getter.

Potty training has gone well and, although we are still having the occasional #2 accident, everything else has been fabulous.  He is even waking up dry after naps and night-time.  He loves wearing his Mickey Mouse underwear and mama is glad for her first (albeit short) diaper break in 6.5 years.

We had no idea what a crazy, fun part of our family this little guy would be!!!