Wednesday, November 6, 2013

4 months old!!!

Denbigh celebrated her 4-month birthday N'Awlins' style.  At this rate she'll be spending her first birthday in Vegas! Well - probably not.  

She had her well-visit this morning and weighs 13. lbs. 12 oz  and is 24.5 inches long.  Both put her squarely in the 50th percentile.  She's our "little" girl! (edited to add: I just checked the boys' baby books and they were both 4 lbs. heavier than her at 4 months - Joseph was 17 lbs. 13 oz and Jacob was 17 lbs. 12 oz.)

Denbigh is rolling over from front to back and is trying hard to roll from her back to front.  No more leaving her unattended on the bed.  She loves to jabber and giggle and makes the most awesome expressions.  

 Joseph was reading his book to her last evening.  I thought it was so precious.  Her brothers really love her.
 She also tried Rice Cereal for the first time.  She did great at opening her mouth when the spoon was presented but needs to work on actually swallowing it.  She loved the taste of it though and was really excited about it until the frustration won out.

We also need to buy some "girl" bibs.

Here are a couple of out-takes from our photo shoot.

Little giggler.
 The first day she rolled over - frustrated with mama for making her do it one more time.