Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Crazy Week + - Friday - Sunday

On Friday morning we hit the road again - driving this time - and headed to New Orleans. We stopped off in Jackson, MS for a couple of hours to enjoy lunch with Steve & Cindy Burton.  Steve officiated at our wedding and it was so fun catching up with them.  It was evening until we got to our hotel and so Daddy grabbed some creole take-out for Mama and the kiddos and he headed out for some fun on the town with his friends.

The next morning we enjoyed a walk to Cafe DuMonde and indulged in beignets and hot chocolate/chocolate milk.  We also met up with Aunt Alissa & Jodi and headed to the aquarium afterwards.

 The boys were extremely fascinated by the Street Cars so, after grabbing some lunch, Mama & Denbigh headed back to the hotel and Daddy and the boys rode a street car uptown.

 Denbigh enjoyed a little break from her stroller and had some playtime on the bed.
In the evening we bathed all the kiddos and put them to bed.  Then Aunt Alissa and Jodi came to the hotel and watched them while Mama & Daddy headed to dinner at Jacque-Imo's for our friend Mark's birthday.  
Dinner was wonderful and we were so glad we made the trip.  

We were also glad to be headed home (Starbucks in hand) the following morning after a very busy week.