Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cub Scouts and Volleyball

A couple Saturday mornings ago Joseph had his Raingutter Regatta event for Cub Scouts.  He spent some time with daddy getting his boat ready for competition.

 He picked out a green color scheme and painted stripes on the floats and the sail.

 The day of the competition Daddy was involved in an all-day volleyball tournament so Mama made sure to take lots of pictures.  
It was pretty chilly so Denbigh got bundled up and took a good/long morning nap.
 The boys enjoyed some pre-race donuts and hot cocoa.

 Joseph's boat is the white/green striped catamaran in the middle.
 Jacob having a dramatic pouting moment when he wasn't allowed to race the boats.
 Let the racing begin! Joseph won all four of his races.

 Jacob cheered up and decided to have fun on the playground.

 After the Raingutter Regatta we loaded back up and went to watch Daddy play volleyball for awhile.  His team won the tournament.

 We even got to have lunch with Daddy during his break and then Mama and the kiddos headed home for some much needed naps.