Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Crazy Week + - Thursday

 Happy Halloween!!!
  We woke up Thursday morning at home so thankful to Nana & Papa for watching our boys while we were gone.  I think they were pretty worn out from getting the to/from school, packing lunches, dinners, homework, etc. Nana even had every stitch of laundry done.  The boys loved having them here and we were glad that they were in good hands.

We all packed up to leave for the morning with Jake going to school and Mama & Daddy going to the eye doctor.  Nana & Papa left for home while we were gone much to the dismay of the kiddos.

We thought we were going to miss Jacob's Trick or Treat Trail at school entirely but made it there just as they were finishing up and were able to get some photos.

 After that Daddy went to work and Mama & Joseph (and baby girl) had a lunch date at Pizza Hut.  Joseph was excited to use his Book It certificate for a free personal pan pizza.  He also placed both of our orders with the waitress.  What a gentleman!

 The afternoon was busy with unpacking, laundry and repacking our suitcases.

And then - Trick or Treat time!!! Minnie Mouse was not a big fan.