Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 28

We made it to Stroller Strides!  Despite a clear radar there was a bit of a drizzle going on but we had class outside anyway.  Other than the humidity making us all damp, it actually felt pretty good outside after the crazy heat.  And hey, a light drizzle is probably a good day in Seattle, right?
 We started working on some "Olympic" crafts.  Have I mentioned we're getting crazy excited?!  
 #9065 thing I never imagined saying: "crayons don't go in your ears Jacob"

 By afternoon the sky was clear and by evening it started to feel kind of nice.  I thought we had better jump at our chance so Joseph and I gathered up our gear and headed out to the big tent.
 Daddy joined us for a little S'mores party.

 Fake sleeping. . . it was far too exciting!!
First we played several games of Crazy 8s followed by two chapters out of "Charlotte's Web."  Then a few songs were requested.  Finally it was time for lights out!  
Other than a few initial "I'm hot"s and "I'm starving"s. . . we both fell asleep.  It cooled off during the night and became quite comfortable.  And no one asked to go inside!