Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 37

Jake Jake went to school today and Joseph and I spent the morning running a few errands.  Because we needed groceries.  Desperately.  And we needed to go to Hobby Lobby.  Desperately.

After lunch we completed another London Summer Olympics project!  We made our torches!!!

We started with some cardboard paper towel rolls I've been saving.
 We bent them into a triangle shape.
 Then I cut slits about halfway up each side and folded them into each other, holding in place with clear packing tape.
 Time for some gold spray paint!!!
 Time for felt and pipe cleaners. . . 
 I cut each piece of felt in half and used 3 pieces (red, yellow, orange) and 3 pipe cleaners for each torch. 
 After cutting a slit in each piece of felt, we put the pip cleaners through and twisted at the bottom to hold.  We also used a little fabric glue between each layer of felt.
 Then we gathered it all up. . . 
 and stuffed it down into the paper towel roll which was also lined with fabric glue.
 We twisted the pipe cleaners to add a little whimsy.
 And mama tried her best (non-artistic) rendering of the London Summer Olympics logo.
 Torches for everyone!!!
 Ready for his part in the relay.
 Later we remembered to pick up this little guy from school.  (I don't think he naps very well there)
 And here's a sweet picture of Minnie Mae . . . just 'cause.
 Post-dinner ice cream drumsticks.

 And a few pirate shenanigans.
That completes day #37!!!  


s is for sarah said...

Ok, I am TOTALLY going to make an Olympic torch with Ian Friday. We're letting him stay up for the Opening Ceremonies (well, some of them...I think it's on until quite late!) Great idea, thanks!!!

Emilie said...

right?! I told Joseph he's going to take a nap on Friday because I really want him to stay up for the show.