Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 32

Our day started out with Joseph's friend Will coming over for the morning to play.  The boys had a great time playing dominoes, Uno and building various structures upstairs.
 So - remember the fun shopping trip I mentioned in the previous post?  Well it was to PetSmart to purchase everything we would need for this little lady!!
 Joseph and I picked her up at the shelter after lunch and spent the rest of afternoon playing with her.

 After Jacob and Daddy we got home we made a family trip to the Vet to get little Minnie Mae all checked out.  Dr. Laura thought she looked great.  She currently weighs just over 6 pounds and is almost 3 months old.  We're estimating her full-grown weight to be right around 20 pounds.
 She was a bit timid about her new home and did not enjoy her crating being in the laundry room.  She ended up spending the night in her crate in our room and, after some initial whining, slept pretty good all night.