Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Vacation - Days 34 & 35 - and Saturday

So we have absolutely no pictures from Day #34 or #35.  For reals.  Mama was busy getting ready to go out of town and Thursday day just flew by.  We did manage to take Minnie Mae to the groomers for a bath and trim and then ran a few errands.  We picked up our sweet little girl on the way to the airport for mama's girl weekend.  (more on that later.) Friday was a typical day at home except daddy was there to enforce the rules and make the PB & N (peanut butter & nutella) sandwiches for lunch.

But Saturday was a big boys' day out!  Daddy got up and mowed the yard and then took the little crazies to a birthday party at the Wonder Place.  Except that mama goofed and the birthday party was held on Friday and not Saturday.  (mental note:  TRIPLE check the day of the week when putting it on the calendar!!)  Daddy let the boys play for awhile anyway AND followed it up with lunch and more playtime at Chick-fil-A.