Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 30

Friday started off with this one going to school.  He was so excited about his ice cream party that he got ready super fast and then waited by the door for daddy.

Meanwhile Joseph and I headed out once again to the car dealership.  This time to get a new battery.  We left even earlier than on Monday and were able to get it done and make it to Stroller Strides with a couple minutes to spare!  We started our work out. . . and then came the rain.  We got soaked!!!

 We were finally able to finish our workout and then headed home.  Between getting out of wet clothes, showers, letting the neighbor's dog out and cleaning up the kitchen, the next couple of hours flew by.  Mama had an appointment at 1 pm to quote a potential sewing gig and then we ran another errand.  During this errand Joseph announced that he was "starving!"  I started to respond (as per usual): "well, if you had eaten more at . . . . .  oh crap, I forgot to feed you didn't I?"  Yep - Mother of the Year right here.  We went straight to McDonald's for a cheeseburger which he gobbled up.  I even let him have a special treat when we got home.

In the evening Mama went out with some of her best girlfriends to say good-bye to one sweet girl who is moving to Florida soon.  We will miss her and her family.  While Mama was gone, the boys played!