Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 29

Thursday morning started out in the tent.  I couldn't resist taking some pics of my big darling still sleeping soundly around 6 am.  
 I snuck in the house fill up a travel mug at the Keurig (huge benefit of backyard camping - coffee and potty are only steps away!) and then Joseph was soon up and ready for more card playing.

Jacob joined us outside after he woke up.
 After a couple hands of cards, we called it a "night" and headed inside for breakfast.

 I decided to brave taking both boys to the free summer movie.  It was one Joseph and I had already seen so I didn't figure it would be a problem if we left early.
 We settled in with our snacks (and booster seat = brilliant) and made it through about half the movie.  I had figured wrong.  It was a big deal to Joseph that we had to leave early.  I told him that next week we'd go while Jake is at school.
 While Jacob was napping in the afternoon, Joseph and I continued with our Olympic Games prep.  We found great printouts for medals. After cutting them out we mounted them on cardboard circles and then made slits for our fabulous flag ribbon which we found at Hobby Lobby.  I need to go back and get more.
 And just so you don't think we do nothing but play. . . . I also did laundry and cleaned bathrooms!  On my other blog I posted awhile back about homemade laundry detergent.  I have to say I am thrilled with it.  Including the 5 gallon bucket, lid, and all the ingredients, I spent about $15.  That includes enough supplies for a second batch.  The best part?!  I made my first batch 6 months ago and we're still using it.  That's right.  I think it might last us an entire year.  I'm giddy.

After Jacob woke up from his nap we headed to the pool with some friends.

 Thanks Ms. Janelle for the Cheetos during adults swim!

 Then it was back home for baths and dinner.  
I made roasted cabbage using this recipe. It was yummy but big.  I would recommend cutting the cabbage in eighths instead of quarters.
 We also had yummy chicken, red/yellow pepper and pineapple kabobs! (and tater tots for kiddos who were not going to go for the cabbage.)