Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 26

After missing quite a few Stroller Strides sessions the past several weeks, I was excited to be heading back to class on Monday morning.  And then the tire pressure light came on.  So we headed out to the dealership extra early, hoping that we'd be done in time to still make it to class.
 These little crazies "entertained" everyone waiting in the lounge for their cars.
 There was lots of spinning, hugging and one little one running around yelling "escape! escape! escape!"
 And we didn't get done until class was half over.  I gave Joseph a choice: up the hill to the Rave for the free movie or head over to the zoo.

Zoo it was!

We got to see the new cheetahs.
 And ended up with some free time on the playground.

 Then we heard an unfamiliar sound.  Could that be thunder??? (enter mama and joseph's interpretation of Lightening McQueen here . . . kachooga, kachooga)
 We headed home.  And then. . . wet stuff . . . fell from the sky.

Joseph did the rain dance on the way out to get the mail. 

While Jacob took his nap, Joseph and I worked on a fun, rainy afternoon project.

Once final picture to commemorate Jacob gobbling down his dinner (with no coercing) and enjoying his "m-n-m-n-m-a!" dessert.