Thursday, April 3, 2014

9 months old!!!

Our sweet Denbigh is 9 months old!  Only 3 more months until her first birthday and it's hard to believe.  The past nine months have flown by!!! 
 Check out her two bottom teeth!
 We are all totally in love with this little girl.  And we might be spoiling her rotten.
 She adores her big brothers and they are pros at getting her to giggle.
 She loves to smile.  It's her favorite! 

 Our two girls  - playing!

 She is on the move!  While I wouldn't call it officially "crawling" - she does scoot all over and gets up on all fours and rocks.  Any day now she will be taking off.

 She is a really sweet baby and even though we call her a Diva, she is very low maintenance. Which is good since we seem to be on-the-go so much!!!