Monday, April 28, 2014

and another week later. . . .

We have signed a lease on a house in San Marcos, CA!!!  

I will say that applying to rent a house that you haven't seen in person is pretty stressful.  Adding to the stress was the fact that two other families were also in the running for this house.  We spent several days compiling information, filling out paperwork, compiling more information, filling out more paperwork. . . repeat.  But at last we got an email from our realtor that, after the owners had looked at everyone's information, they picked us!!!! It feels like a total miracle and we are thrilled to know where we will be living.  

This house is in the San Elijo Hills area and in a gated subdivision.  We also found out that one of Christopher's new coworkers lives 6 doors down!  They have two boys our boys' ages.  We knew they lived in the area but are so excited to find out that we will be practically neighbors. They are also from Texas so we have the whole "southern" thing in common as well.

We are really excited about this great little community and the school the boys will attend.  And we can't wait to have visitors fill our guest rooms!!!