Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break - Day 8

Day 8 of our vacation happened to be Jacob's 4th birthday!  Daddy & Mama blew up a few balloons and had them on his bed when he woke up.
 We also had a little bag of goodies for him.

 He wanted to put his new Iron Man lego set together right away.  Daddy and Joseph helped. (We managed to make it home with all the pieces!)
 Then we went downstairs for breakfast and the floor manager surprised him with balloons, coloring book & crayons, candy and a piece of cake!

Then we headed back to Sea World!

 Joseph was excited to have Daddy along this time so someone was available to go with him on the bigger rides.

 Jacob and I enjoyed looking at the fish while we waited for them outside.
 We got to see/do a few things we didn't see our first day.  Like the penguins. . . 

 . . .feeding the Sea Lions . . . 

. . . another roller coaster. . .
 (do you see Daddy & Joe? Second row. . )
 . . . and the Dolphin Show!

 Then we headed back to the Sesame Street play area.  Jacob told me he wanted to ride in the "Knight Elmo" as soon as we got in line.  In my Mama head I was praying he would get to ride the Knight but also preparing my "well someone else got the Knight and that's ok" speech.  We ended up being second in line for our turn and the little girl in front of us pointed out a sweet pink/purple Elmo that she wanted to ride.  whew!  And then the two bigger kids behind me started shoving forward and muttering to each other "run and get the Knight."  I may have casually leaned on the railing in front of them and may have stood there slightly longer than I needed to after the gate opened so that my birthday boy could get a head start to the Knight Elmo.  And I don't feel guilty at all.
 Then we rode the teacups!
 After that Daddy and Joseph headed back to ride the Manta again while Jacob got completely soaked on the splash pad.  I think it may have been the highlight of his day.  Get ready for awesome picture overload of his fun.

 I also came prepared with Uncrustable sandwiches for the boys this time.  You can buy a box of 4 at the grocery store for $4.  You can buy the same individual sandwich at the park for $4.  Lesson learned the first day.
We also went to see the Madagascar Live! show.  We don't really need to see this again.

 The best news is that the cost of the Fun Card was the same as one-day admission . . . which means we can go any day for the rest of the year! This will come in so handy after we move. . . as long as I don't forget my Uncrustables.

We had another low-key dinner in our room and then I brought out the big cupcake for Jacob.  I can't believe this imaginative, creative, sweet, beautiful boy is 4.  He adds so much joy, fun and general craziness to our family.