Monday, April 21, 2014

moving update

What a difference a week makes!  

A week ago Saturday, while I was at a baby shower, Christopher rented out our house! One of the small-group pastors from our church stopped by to catch up with Christopher.  He had recently been in Europe and we were eager to find out how it went.  In the course of the discussion Christopher told him that we had decided we were going to rent in San Diego initially.  We had been pretty stressed out about finding a place to buy and this had really set us at ease.  It also gave us a lot of flexibility with our current home.  We had not seen a lot of movement on the house and were comfortable knowing that we could afford to rent and still cover our mortgage here if it didn't sell.  Christopher also mentioned that we could even rent it out - maybe to them.  About an hour later our friend asked if Christopher was serious about renting out the house because they had been praying for a house to rent in our area.  Their oldest child is starting Kindergarten this fall and they are zoned for a school they are not thrilled about.  We happen to live next door to one of the best public schools in the area.  There is no doubt in our mind that this was meant to be and we took the house off the market immediately and they signed a lease over the weekend.  We are thrilled that their sweet family (2 boys and a 1 girl - just like us!) is going to fill this wonderful home with love over the next year or longer!

We have started to put together our "countdown calendar."  Starting May 1 we will be crossing off the days.  I think this will really help the boys understand the time frame.  I know that Jacob will barely remember Little Rock and Denbigh won't at all.  But Joseph will have vague memories here and that makes me happy.  We have really loved our life here.  Soon I will be starting a blog series regarding things I/We will miss.  I am pretty sure it will be lengthy.