Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break - Day 1

In a last minute scramble - we finished the deck, grabbed our stuff and got out the door right on time.  On the way to the airport we discussed stopping by Target and an ATM and then decided against both.  We got to the airport where Daddy let Mama, the kiddos and the luggage off at the curb and went to park the car while we got the luggage checked-in.  Our plan was to meet up at Security and then grab some lunch before our flight.  Once inside I took this picture of the boys while we were waiting for daddy.  

And then I heard it "Christopher, Emilie, Joseph and Jacob - please report to Gate 7 - your flight is leaving." WHAT???!!!  We rushed upstairs and called Daddy on the way.  He met us upstairs and we rushed through security and ran/sprinted to our gate.  They held the plane for us.  Mama is now fired from plane itineraries as she miss-read our arrival-in-Dallas time as our departure-from-LIT time. Once safely on the plane I could not stop being so thankful we had not made any stops on the way to the airport.  

 And finally in San Diego - waiting for our luggage.  So thankful to be there.