Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break - Day 4

On Day 4 we went to Sea World.  We had such a great time.  Again we only saw about half of the park and Joseph wasn't able to go on some of the bigger rides.  He was tall enough but not old enough to go alone and with only Mama along, he had to wait.  He was a great sport about it and we enjoyed the rides he could go on alone.
 We sat in the "splash zone" for the Shamu show but the water stopped about two rows short of us.  Darn it.  ;)

 The boys enthusiastically made flipper hands in an attempt to get splashed.

 One of the rides where Joseph could go alone.

 Then he stayed with the baby while Jacob and Mama rode.
 The whole Sesame Street play area was awesome.

 Jacob found the splash pad and headed straight in.

 And we found Elmo!!!

 Joseph was brave and conquered the obstacle course.
 Thumbs up!!!
 It starts way down on the other end with rope net climbing and then works its way through a series of bridges and rope climbs.  He was awesome.
 We also saw the sea lions.
 And ended with some frosty treats.